First excursion into publishing…

So, yesterday, I published Lightbulb Works’ first book. I decided to go for a soft-launch and put it on kindle direct publishing as an ebook, to make all the mistakes there before putting the book out far and wide.

It turns out that actually publishing a book is not that hard, as with everything in life, fear of the unknown is the biggest problem. Once the book was ready, and it was delayed by a few weeks as the cover art could not be done until the final layout had been finished, it seemed relatively easy. Of course, I have an odd background here, filling in all the metadata for the book and pitching it is very similar to the way you submit scientific papers, so my scientific career came in handy here.

The plan, and we’ll see how well this works, is to put the book up on kindle direct publishing for 90days, where people can get it for free or ‘borrow’ it if they are members of Amazon prime, and hopefully get some reviews. Meanwhile, the paperbacks will be ordered. And then, in June, the ebook will go live on all other platforms, I’ll put the paperback up for sale and do a marketing push.

Keep tuned, I’ll be posting about our journey into publishing here…



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