Erik Sturm grew up in Plumstead, South East London, on what he asserts is the right side of the Thames. He escaped to the City, via University, and was made unemployed in 2008, just as it was the height of fashion. Using his redundancy, he went in search of himself around the far east, but all he discovered about his true self was that he was broke. So, taking employment in first the middle east, then Brazil, he finally washed up in Bristol, UK, where he now works as a computer scientist. He attended a writing group in which a middle-class author from the home counties presented a Disney-Dickenson version of South-East London, distant from anything he recognized. Annoyed by the lack of veracity and with an ear for the poetry of 'chav' English, he was inspired to write 'Up and up', his first novel, a gritty crime-noir set in the London of his upbringing. His second novel goes further with linguistic experiments, and is a cyberpunk flow of consciousness novel about a hacktervist set across Syria, Kuala Lumpa and Sao Paulo (available soon).

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