What a scientific career teachings you about writing, and vice versa…

When I was at school, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a novelist or a scientist. And my teachers stuck to the fiction that the two were completely different. Since then, I’ve found out that success in academia required me to be at least 30% a writer (so far, I’ve been about 60% a scientist, 30% a writer and 10% a project manager). From hanging around writer’s conferences, I’ve noticed that most fiction writers do not have a day job in science, and so, I think it gives me a… Read More

Wrap around cover art for Ella Gale’s debut novel

We’ve got our cover art! A great wrap-around cover for Clarke book 1. It’s still awaiting lay-out and title finalization. At the moment, we are going for Blood Star Aphelion, the first book of the Syzygy Series, a following the adventures of Florentina Clarke, vampire, General, Queen, across space and time. Clarke wakes up from a one-night stand with vague memories of a vampire and a growing desire for blood. Before she can sort that out, her best friend and crazy scientist, Robert Deegen, accidentally fires her two hundred years into the future… Read More

Inspiration for my first book

The Clarke books were a mixture of a two ideas: one of a vampire, in the future, in space, learning how to be a vampire whilst in some military sci-fi setting; the other, vampires in the modern day, covering the ‘coming out’ period where humanity is suddenly aware of them. The only way to stick these two ideas together was time-travel, hence why the first 4-5 books are set in the future, and the rest are current era. I also wanted to do something ambitious with the time-travel, have the character move… Read More