Plumstead: land of dreams…

Map-badge of Plumstead

I guess this is the problem with London and the relentless march of gentrification. I set my first novel in the place I grew up, Plumstead (and surrounding environs of Welling and Woolwich), which, was at the time… to be frank, a complete shithole. As a teen I had friends who’s parents were too scared to allow them to come out to Woolwich cinema. Then again, my friends from the nicer suburbs had never had the experience of narrowly missing walking in on a stabbing by about five minutes, so their parents… Read More

Up and up, free to download today!

Today and tomorrow, Erik Sturm’s novel is free to download on Amazon.

Up and up launches on Amazon

Erik Sturm’s debut novel ‘Up and up’ launches TODAY on Amazon! ‘Up and up’ No one escapes home undamaged. Three kids from the wrong side of the Thames had made it good in the City. But when the impossible happens and the banks start to fall, secrets of their past rise to the surface. The stay on the up and up, they have to risk it all. Four friends, united by a terrible secret. Christopher Rake meets a mysterious woman he wants to protect, no matter what the cost. Cezek Hitch is… Read More