Going further than ‘blockchain for books’!

I attended the London Book Fair this week, largely, I will admit, for the free wine, but it turned out there were many books, authors, editors, publishers there as well, so at least some interesting conversations over the free wine. And, one of the most interesting ideas I heard about was from Alli (Alli: the alliance of independent authors), an association I am a newly minted member of (and I got a badge and everything –> ). And that idea was blockchain for books. Essentially, if the concept takes off, it is nothing… Read More

Reviews: perhaps my readers know more than me…

At one point, my day job was of enough interest that someone actually reported on something I did. This is where I learnt something important, that I believe Hollywood actors say, ‘Never read your own reviews, daaarrling!’ Or at least, I beleive they say, in some sort of thespian drawl, whilst avidly poring over everything written about them or their work in private. Anyway, so perhaps I shouldn’t read my own reviews. But, as a debut author, with a book to pitch that, to be honest, I am not entirely sure how… Read More

Up and up, free to download today!

Today and tomorrow, Erik Sturm’s novel is free to download on Amazon.

What a scientific career teachings you about writing, and vice versa…

When I was at school, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a novelist or a scientist. And my teachers stuck to the fiction that the two were completely different. Since then, I’ve found out that success in academia required me to be at least 30% a writer (so far, I’ve been about 60% a scientist, 30% a writer and 10% a project manager). From hanging around writer’s conferences, I’ve noticed that most fiction writers do not have a day job in science, and so, I think it gives me a… Read More

First excursion into publishing…

So, yesterday, I published Lightbulb Works’ first book. I decided to go for a soft-launch and put it on kindle direct publishing as an ebook, to make all the mistakes there before putting the book out far and wide. It turns out that actually publishing a book is not that hard, as with everything in life, fear of the unknown is the biggest problem. Once the book was ready, and it was delayed by a few weeks as the cover art could not be done until the final layout had been finished,… Read More