Psychopathic A.I.?

So… I’m working on editing the first draft of my flow-of-consciousness cyberpunk novel, as you do, and my ‘day-job’ is working in A.I. (I say ‘day-job’ as being a scientist is very much a part of who I am, not just something that I do until I make it as an author). And sometimes, you just see something so crazy. Essentially, to try and raise awareness of problems of training data for A.I., they trained an algorithm with data from the darkest corners of the net, and then compared its ability to… Read More

Up and up: free today and tomorrow

My debut novel, Up and up, is free to download today and tomorrow (14th-15th April). Click here to download And it has a new blurb: What do you do when one of your best friends is a psychopath? Sebastian Rake needs to escape the suburbs. With only bitter memories and an expulsion notice behind him, he’s going to the city to become someone. But to help a vulnerable woman with a secret, he needs a favour — and in London, favours are never free. A decade later he is someone, with the… Read More

‘Time jumps’ in Up and up

When I set out to write Up and up I did not expect it to be a time-jump novel. Instead, I was walking along to work through the woods and just started wondering what happened to the main characters afterwards. Somehow I got the idea that Rake never achieved his dream of being an actor, but was instead sucked into the City and worked one of the few jobs where success did not require schooling or a middle-class accent: finance. This then gave me an interesting challenge. I set out to write… Read More

Plumstead: land of dreams…

Map-badge of Plumstead

I guess this is the problem with London and the relentless march of gentrification. I set my first novel in the place I grew up, Plumstead (and surrounding environs of Welling and Woolwich), which, was at the time… to be frank, a complete shithole. As a teen I had friends who’s parents were too scared to allow them to come out to Woolwich cinema. Then again, my friends from the nicer suburbs had never had the experience of narrowly missing walking in on a stabbing by about five minutes, so their parents… Read More

Cover art for Up and up

Just got the cover art for Up and up!